Block annoying ads with AdBlock Plus (and protect yourself in the process)

For my inaugural “Information Security Made Easy” post, I’ll give a quick and simple tip.  While perhaps more of a convenience and usability tweak than a true security tip, it nonetheless will help keep excess garbage from being downloaded and displayed on your computer, which is always a good thing.

Degree Of Difficulty: 1 (Grandma)
Note: All tips published will have a difficulty rating of 1 (Grandma could do it), 2 (Normal User), 3 (Power User), and 4 (Geeks only).

You know those incredibly annoying rollover ads common on websites these days?  Sure you do.  They’re the ones where if your mouse happens to move over a tiny corner, it explodes in flashy glory over your entire screen.  The only way to get rid of it is to click a tiny “x” in the corner of the screen, which sometimes seems to move about randomly, taunting you.

Well, fear not, there is an easy and effective way to be rid of these once and for all, using the excellent Firefox add-on “AdBlock Plus”.  It installs in minutes, and instantly will block a high percentage of these ads without any user input.

Should you still find something being shown that you wish to block, you simply have to right click on the image, and select “Adblock Image”.

Taken from Adblock Plus Addon Page

Taken from Adblock Plus Addon Page

One of my favorite sites to browse, Sports Illustrated, was downright loaded with these kind of annoyances.  Now that I’m using AdBlock, I’m able to browse freely with no interruptions.

Adblock Plus is available here:


    1. Hi Jared, same to you!

      As far as I know, the AdBlock plugin is only available for Firefox, though I believe there may be some solutions out there for Safari as well. Since I’m unfortunately stuck in Windows world for the moment, I really only use Firefox.


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