Lists and My “Ooh Butterfly” Syndrome

I’m horribly prone to distraction. It seems like every day I’m finding some other shiny little aspect of life to become interested in. Most recently (as in today) it’s Powershell remoting. I saw this video from TechEd and immediately exclaimed “Oooooohhh… I have to try that!”. And naturally, by “try” that I mean delve into it with absolutely focus and intensity.

Why might this cause a problem? Well, because I’ve got many many other things that I should be learning about, like Full-Text indexes, and the Entity Framework. And if I keep on finding more things to take my attention, I’ll never be able to keep track of them all, right?

Wrong. See, that’s where my old tried ‘n true lists come in. As I find things to study, I add them to my lists:

Trusty Tracks To The Rescue

There they’ll sit, waiting patiently until I’m ready to return to them. I can also review them on a weekly basis, and make sure that I’m not going too far off the reservation, and neglecting things I ought not to be. And I know this with certainty, so I can feel totally comfortable giving in to those pretty butterflies that keep coming my way.

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