The Caitlyn Jenner Story Perfectly Illustrates All That’s Wrong About Modern Politics

I think the Caitlyn Jenner story is an interesting micro-representation of all that’s wrong in politics these days. I have friends on every side of the spectrum, so I can see how both sides are presenting it.

On the left, her story is being held up as inspirational and a milestone in transgender rights, while at the same time cited as an example of how we need to do more as a society to support transgender individuals, including calls for things like making gender reassignment surgery fully covered under health insurance. People who disagree are called “savages” and “bigots”.

On the right, what you see is general disgust and disdain. People say this is getting way too much attention and that we should be focusing on more important things like our balooning debt, ISIS, and government overreach. She is called names like “freak show” and people who disagree are called things like “libtards”.

But in both cases, the response is mostly righteous indignation, whipped up by memes appealing to the moral base of their audience. There’s no sense of nuance, no compassion on either side for the opinions of the other. Crude ad hominem attacks are far more common than sound moral and logical arguments.

How about we really listen to what each other’s concerns are and try to understand rather than call each other names? We might find that in fact both sides have valid points.

Yes, her story is a good one, and yes it’s true that transgender individuals are often marginalized in our society. But, yes it’s also true that things like the voting on the USA Freedom Act and other pressing national problems are being drowned out.

But sadly I don’t have much faith that will happen. People love to be righteously angry. They love caricatures of their enemies and telling others “You’re wrong!”

It’s a wonder anything is getting done in this country.

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