How Children Remind Us To Appreciate Beauty In The Seemingly Mundane

If you’re anything like me, there will be times when you’ll find yourself getting caught up in the day to day minutae and struggles of life. Maybe the pot roast didn’t come out quite right. Maybe the car wouldn’t start (naturally on the same morning when you had an absolutely crucial client meeting to get to). Perhaps life has just decided to throw every majorly annoying curveball at you at the same time, to the point where it feels like an MMA fighter is using your head as substitute punching bag.

At times like these, thoughts tend to fly through our minds, filling our perception with negativity. We see reality not through rose (or even clear) colored lenses, but through a persistent cloud of reddish haze. Things that normally wouldn’t phase us feel like those padded gloves smashing into our metaphorical jawbone.

At times like these, we have a tendency to to totally overlook the little, everyday opportunities to enjoy the moments in our lives. We miss the wonderful smells of nature as we walk through the park. We don’t notice the calming sound of rain on the roof, or see the brilliant colors and textures of an Autumn sunset.

But, if we let them, our children can be wonderful reminders to appreciate the beauty in the mundane.

Case in point: this morning was just one of those times when things don’t want to go right. After the umpteenth small thing going wrong, likely my computer misbehaving, I was about ready to start bashing my head into the nearest wall. Then, I happened to notice my young daughter staring in absolute enchantment at a reflection of light on the ceiling from a toy mirror. As I flexed it back and forth, the light danced across the painted surface, making playful patterns. She cooed and giggled at the little creature in wonder.

I couldn’t help but enjoy her glee, but it also made me see the artistry in this tiny natural phenomenon. Something I would have completely missed, but to a child it was obvious.

I never cease to be amazed at the lessons our children can teach us, if we will only listen.